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How to find fish by name with more accuracy?

Common names of species may vary from country to country. So, if you are searching for fish by name, always prefer using keywords so you will have more accuracy on your searching. Here are some examples:

1. For Neon Tetra, go to Search Base and type the keyword neon. Then hit Search button and it will find it on our database
2. For Ram Cichlid, go to Search Base and type the keyword ram. Then hit Search button and it will find it on our database
3. For Kuhli loach, go to Search Base and type kuhli.Then hit Search button and it will find it on our database
4. For Platy, go to Search Base and type the keyword platy. Then hit Search button and it will find it on our database
5.For Red Tail Black Shark,go to Search Base and type the keyword shark. Then hit Search button and it will find it on our database

- An alternative to item 1 would be choosing Characidae family and hit search button
- An alternative to item 2 would be choosing Cichlidae family, tap South America on map and hit search button. That will search Cichlidae AND South America, so it will search for cichlids in South America, only
- An alternative to item 3 would be choosing Cobitidae family and hit search button
- An alternative to item 4 would be choosing Poeciliidae family and hit search button
- An alternative to item 5 would be choosing Cyprinidae family and hit search button

You can also type part of the scientific or common name. Some examples:

- xipho - it will look for every speciess with scientific name equals to Xiphophorus
- hyphe - it will look for any species tthat contain the string hyphe within their names

Important Notes:

- The searching engine is restrictive. If you return to Search Base main screen to start a brand new search from scratch, don�t forget to clear all selected searching options by tapping the upright button in search base to clear/revert any previous searching arguments
- As mentioned within this same FAQs pagge, you need to be connected in Internet prior to searching the database

If you notice any common name that should be included into our database, please send an e-mail to and we will be glad to update our database accordingly.

How do I insert a fish species into My Aquarium?
To add fish into "My Aquarium":

  • Either tap a fish photo from Latest or from the Search Base results to go to Fish Details
  • Once inside the Fish Details, tap the up right button on screen and select Place into Aquarium - that's it.
  • Tap My Aquarium and you will see your fish there.

    Note: Some users reported not to be possible to add fish into My Aquarium. This was a regression in version 2.0.7, which is now fixed since version 2.0.8. Please make sure to use latest version available from App Store.

    What are the system requirements for AquariumScape?
    AquariumScape works on iOS 6.0 devices or above, including new iOS 7. If you have any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that runs one of these running iOS versions, you are eligible to run AquariumScape.

    Is AquariumScape supported on iPhone 5 screen size?
    Yes, it is supported since version 2.0.6. If you already have AquariumScape, ensure to upgrade to latest version from App Store to have full support on iPhone 5 screen size.

    Do I need network connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G) to consult the 500+ species database?
    Yes. The 400+ species reside on our server and you will need the internet connection to read them. They are not stored offline on device, only.

    Does AquariumScape cover plants, invertebrates and marine fish species?
    No. the focus of AquariumScape is to cover freshwater fish species, only.

    What feature is offline in AquariumScape?
    The My Aquarium feature is offline, once you grab your preferred species from the server and places it locally into your "My Aquarium" area. Also, the diagnosis assistant is offline until it finds a disease possibility. The details of the disease will require internet connection, instead.

    How does the Diagnosis Assistant work?
    It has a set of Yes/No questions based on the symptoms you observe on fish skin or swimming anomalies. By answering those questions, you will be lead to a possible disease diagnostics.

    What are the available languages for AquariumScape?
    The Portuguese and English languages are available. By default, any iOS device configured for Portuguese language will operate AquariumScape totally in Portuguese. And any non-Portuguese iOS device will default to English language.

    Where do the fish photos come from?
    Part of the photos is taken by us. The other part is composed by:

    • - photos allowed under proper Creative Commons license for commercial use
    • - photos under public domain
    • - photos with personal authorization from the author

    In all photos displayed within AquariumScape application, you will find the watermark on the photo with proper license and photo author, which is mandatory to preserve authoring rights in any above conditions. We take extreme care in not to publish anything which has no proper license available.

    Can I collaborate by sending my fish photo?
    Sure you can. Please find the information and rules here.

    What is the order or criteria of publishing new species for AquariumScape?
    There's no specific criteria. Whenever we find a freshwater fish species with license-allowed photos to be published, it will be included on our database.

    I received a push notification with 30 new/updated species, but I can visualize only the seven more recent ones. I would like to know what the other 27 remaining new specie names are. How can I do that?
    We are aware of this limitation and we implemented a new feature which will be available in future version 3.0. On this feature, when you tap "Last Updates" black label on "Latest View" you will now have a list of all last 30 new/updated species. We thank the users that called our attention to this point.

    More FAQs will be introduced as we answer more user questions.