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01/12/2012 - Rate and comment AquariumScape!

Dear user,

If you have been enjoying AquariumScape, we really appreciate your rating at App Store page. Your comments will really help us.

Just tap HERE and scroll to the bottom of AquariumScape product page to place your rating and/or comments.

Currently, we have two main focuses being worked for AquariumScape:

  • Make AquariumScape also available for iPhone and iPod Touch: this is an excellent resource if you, for example, go to a store and needs to research about certain fish species before taking it, directly in your small mobile device
  • Include more and more freshwater species to keep growing up our database. By the way, if you have freshwater species photos you would like to share with us, access and read the Photo Sending instructions.

    Thank you for choosing AquariumScape!

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