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Sometimes we don't publish a certain species that users would like due to having difficulties in finding authorized photos to be publish. If you notice any missing species in our database, we would really like to encourage you to collaborate with us by sending your photo. We will be very glad to publish it and attribute the credits to you, as placing a watermark in it to indicate your credits (by displaying your name and e-mail), because we respect your authoring and we follow authoring referencing standards.

Photos for existent species in our database are also welcome.

You can send your photo to plus the following information:

1. Species scientific or common name

2. Your name and valid e-mail address for future contact

Some hints:

1. If your photo is licensed under Creative Commons License that allows commercial usage, please mention it is licensed and also pass us the Wikipedia/Wikimedia photo URL for reference

2. Please send your photos, only. Please don’t send photos randomly picked up over the internet, as we are not sure who the author is. We respect copyrights and take extreme care to publish authorized photos, only.

3. Photo resolution can be 800x600 pixels or above and should have good species visualization

Your photos will be really welcome! They will help not only us, but all AquariumScape users worldwide.

Thanks and kind regards

Marcelo Benedeti Palermo

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