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Send your Fish Photo

Thanks for collaborating with us. We really appreciate it. By sending your fish photo, you are also collaborating with other AquariumScape users and is enhancing our database. In other words, your are making AquariumScape better.


Don't worry if the species already exists in our database. We always look for good photos to publish and enhance AquariumScape application.

Send your photo to plus the following information:

1. Species scientific or common name

2. Your name and valid e-mail address for future contact

3. If your photo is licensed under Creative Commons Share Unported 3.0 (CC BY-SA 3.0), please mention it is licensed and also pass us the Wikipedia/Wikimedia photo URL

4. Please read carefully the Important Notes (below) before sending your photo

If you are using a PC or Mac, you can also choose to fulfill the form below and include your fish photo for sending.

All photos in our database have their licenses/permissions verified prior to publication. If your photo shouldn't be part of our database, please write to above e-mail adress and we will remove the photo immediatelly.

Important Notes

1. By sending your fish photo you are authorizing AquariumScape to publish it and make it part of our database

2. Please do NOT send third-party photos. We respect copyrights and take extreme care to publish authorized photos, only. By sending your photo, you are certifying the photo is yours. Your e-mail will be referred as the photo attribution contact in AquariumScape database

3. The minimum resolution is 1024x768 pixels

4. The maximum file size is 5 MB

5. The accepted file formats are PNG and JPEG

6. Please try sending photos with best quality possible. Only good quality photos will be considered to be included into database.