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Technical Search
Search all the fish base catalog by many fish characteristics, like pH, dH, food type, family etc.
Push Notifications
You can enable AquariumScape to receive push notifications into your device whenever a species update is available..
Facebook, Twitter and Sina Weibo integration
If you have iOS 6 or above, AquariumScape enables you to share fish info via social networks
Fish photos
AquariumScape lets you share fish species photos. Save, print or share any photo you like with your friends via e-mail. Printing is based on iOS AirPrint compatibility.
Fish Disease Diagnostics Assistant
AquariumScape helps the healthcare of your fish. The diagnosis assistant helps you identify possible common diseases and how to treat them.
Test the aquarium compatibility
Mixing fish species may be a problem. AquariumScape helps you determine whether species you want to mix are compatible.